2020 IMECC Global Medical Forum of
Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Treatment

Chinese Experience to Share with the World

The focus of the whole world is riveted on the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. Under such a background, the International Videoconference on World Health Day 2020 organized by International Association of Peace Foundations-IMECC will discuss the topic “China's Experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine Against Coronavirus” and Mobile Cabin Hospitals Management Model Experience Sharing, discussing the important role of combining traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine treatment of novel coronavirus and the experience sharing of mobile cabin hospitals management model.

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Speaker & Guest Introduction
  • Mr. He Xijing

    Vice president of International Association of Neurorestoratology

    Founding Director of Chinese Medical Doctor Association Neurorestoratology Special Committee

    Member of the standing committee of Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine

    Chairman of the board of directors of Shaanxi Association of Rehabilitation Medicine

    Expert of China Association for Medical Devices Industry 3D Print Medical Device Specialized Committee

    President of Xi'an International Rehabilitation Medical Center

  • Ms. Ye Hong

    Vice President of Chinese Non-government Medical Institutions Association

    Vice President of Chinese Non-government Medical Institutions Association Hospital Management Branch

    Managing Director of Wuhan Asia Heart Hospital

  • Dr Ko Wing Man

    Member of the national committee of CPPCC and the Former Secretary of Food and Health Bureau in Hong Kong

  • Dr Liu Shao Haei

    President of Society for Innovative Healthcare HK and President of Hong Kong

    College of Health Service Executives

  • Viktor Fersht

    UN expert , projects manager of Moscow State University Center of applied medicine BIOMED

  • Timothy Johns

    Head of Digital Health

    Medicine of Department for International Trade, British Consulate-General Shanghai


    Censorn Expert of PMDA (Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Agency)

    Head of the medical department of

    NatasTachikawa Clinic

  • Mr. Hao Deming

    Hao Deming, Deputy President, Secretary-General and Founder of Chinese

    Non-Government Medical Institutions Association


Aleksandr Latkin - director of WHO research and training Center

Viktor Korskov - executive director UNESCO Committee for Far East region

Valerya Gribova - Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of Institute of Artificial Intelligence

Mikhail Chuprinin - director of IT Center, Far Eastern Federal University

Dmitry Edelev - councilor of the president of International Association of Peace Foundations.

Sergey Rizhik - executive director of International Association of Peace Foundations

Alan Sui - WHO HPH Governing Board Member, representative at HK

Robust Wang - Chairman of China Association for promoting of UN Procurement (UNGM)

Conference theme:

IMECC International Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Control Experience Sharing and Exchange - Online Public Welfare Seminar Series

Topic 1:Report on the Treatment of Novel Coronavirus with Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine (Expert Team led by Professor He Xijing of Xi 'an International Medical Center Hospital)

Topic 2:Mobile Cabin Hospitals Management Model Experience Sharing

(By Ms. Ye Hong, the Managing Director of Wuhan Asia Heart Hospital)

Conference Time:

10 am to 13:00 pm,(Beijing Time)7th April, 2020

2020IMECC April 7

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